Turn to us for backup server monitoring in Brighton, MI and all surrounding areas

When you rely on computers for your organizations day-to-day, you need a good server to store the data. With the right server installation, you can manage your business better. Rely on 99 Technology Services for server installation at your Brighton, MI business.

We build custom servers that suit your specific needs. We'll work with you to determine how much power and storage space you need to manage your business effectively.

Email us today to learn more about our server options.

Ensure your files are backed up and safe

No matter your line of work, you need a reliable backup of your files. If your computers go down, would you get all your data back? 99 Technology Services provides cloud server implementation services.

We can ensure your files are backed up in the cloud and ready to load when needed. Our systems can back up your files regularly, ensuring a constant backup of your most essential data.